Green Egg and…Pizza

January 24, 2010

Some of the most delicious pizza I’ve had was homemade on Friday night and prepared on the Big Green Egg.  I made a batch of marinara from scratch and we took it to our friend’s place (where the Egg is nestled) and made four different, delicious pizzas.  We used premade, refrigerated dough and layered  on the toppings.  The Egg was a hot 550 degrees and each pizza cooked for about 7-8 minutes.  The first pizza was all cheese (and turned into a calzone — working with dough can be tricky!)  One was a “white” with blackened chicken, mozzerella, red onions, banana peppers and sun-dried tomatoes.  Another had roughly chopped salami, green onions and fontina cheese and the last concoction had a little of everything.  The crust came out thin and crispy with a nice smoky flavor.  I can’t wait for the next pizza party!

White Pizza on the Egg