I love sausage.  I mean I looooove sausage.  Patties or links with breakfast, crumbled hot italian in spaghetti sauce or grilled (preferably over charcoal) and served in a hoagie roll with onions and peppers.  Today I will talk about the latter.

My fiance is from Long Island and grew up eating Sausage and Peppers.   This weekday meal consisted of some kind of grilled sausage, or bratwurst, served in a roll and heaped with sautéed onions and green peppers.  He has turned me on to this simple, easy and delicious meal that I thought just couldn’t get any better.  Until I stopped by the Pine Street Market to check out what they had to offer.

My massage therapist told me about the new deli that had recently opened in Avondale.  One of his clients had shared they had a quite an array of meats to choose from…including fennel sausage (which I happen to adore), black truffle salami, chorizo and more!  I chose the roasted poblano pepper sausages, chorizo salami and some chevre. 

Oh yum.

I know I said earlier I didn’t think Jim’s Sausage and Peppers could get any better…but piling those veggies on top of that poblano sausage just (to quote Emeril), “kicked it up a notch.” 

What do you like to put on your grilled sausage?


My goody bag


My goodies


Sausage & Peppers