February 27, 2010

I was recently honored with my first blogging award by my fellow foddie blogger at You are what you eat…or reheat.   The Honest Scrap Award requires me to share 10 facts about myself you make not have known (similar to the Facebook 25 things). Anywho, here they are: 

The official Honest Scrap logo. I think.

1. I hate baking
2. My beau and I have been together for seven years. If he doesn’t propose this summer, he’s in big trouble.
3. Eggs, sushi and fried chicken are a few of my favorite foods.
4. I have a scar in the middle of my right hand from burning myself while caramelizing sugar for a pumpkin flan when I was in 8th grade. (One of the reasons I do not like to bake.)
5. I am obsessed with the library. I love to read and a lot of my blog titles are inspired by classic novels.
6. I ❤ pit bulls.
7. My beau is a zoologist and we have over 20 animals living with us (all in the basement, thank you).
8. Nothing makes me happier than buying new serving pieces (except cooking, of course). Although, I am quickly running out of storage space.
9. I get the majority of my news from Twitter and Facebook — just like 40% of Americans under the age of 40.
10.  I will be attempting a vegetable garden this summer.  There, I said it.  Now I must go through with it!