Aye Cubano!

February 3, 2015

I visited Denver for the first time a few weeks ago and went to the most amazing Cuban Sandwich place. Twice. In two days. If you happen to be in the area, visit Buchi Cafe and order the Aye Conyo…and the avocado salad, and the empanadas with chimichurri, and the platanos and the cafe con leche. Everything we tried was amazing!

So when I stumbled upon this Cuban Sandwich Dip recipe from The Family Foodie  on Twitter, I knew I had to make it for our Annual Superbowl Party. It was a hit! It was seriously devoured in under 20 minutes. I’ll definitely be making it again for another party.

About the recipe: I couldn’t find a honey dijon dressing so I spread a mixture of honey mustard and dijon mustard on top of the meat mixture then added a layer of dill pickles before baking. I chose to serve with Melba toast, but you could scoop this deliciousness up with anything! Next time, I think I’ll add some lime zest to the cream cheese to mimic the key lime mayo on the sandwich at Buchi’s and add layers of pepperoni and hot peppers too.


Before going into the oven


What do you love about Cuban sandwiches?

One Response to “Aye Cubano!”

  1. I’m looking forward to trying your version and love the idea of adding some lime. Thanks for the inspiration!

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