Weekly Menu Plan

January 17, 2012


There's a lot of Mondays this month...

I’ve started a new regime, which is fasting on Mondays…only clear liquids.  Yesterday was my first day trying this out and it went okay.  I made a batch of homemade chicken stock on Sunday to sip on throughout the day.  Add in water, diet soda (which is cheating just a  little bit), hot tea and iced tea and I made it through the day without a nibble!  Honestly, I was okay from the neck down, ie: my stomach wasn’t growling all day, but from the neck up, mentally, I wanted to eat!  All I have to say right now is TGIT — thank Goodness it’s Tuesday!

Monday: Fasting

Tuesday: Lemony Linguine with Sausage [WeightWatchers Magazine]

Wednesday: Chicken and Dumplings [Jim’s Family Recipe]

Thursday:  Dinner in the China Town Food Court — first visit, very excited!

Friday: Leftovers

Tell me, do you ever fast?  What helps you get through the day?


One Response to “Weekly Menu Plan”

  1. We have to switch Wed. and Thurs. Looking forward to tonight!

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