Mykonos & Music & Marietta

September 16, 2010

Every year I have the opportunity to attend the Georgia Music Awards — which I love.  This year it was held at a new venue, the Cobb Energy Center (an amazing facility!).   En route to the annual show, my friend and I grabbed dinner at a Greek diner we spotted, Mykonos Grill.   Since I never go OTP (especially to eat), I thought this event should be documented. 

Dinner started off with a plate of EVOO sprinkled with red pepper flakes, parsley and shaved parmesan in which to dip pita bread.  I will definitely be making this at home. 


Greek App

My entree was so good, I forgot to take a picture until I had already dug in.  I ordered a Greek Salad with Gyro meat on top (and extra Tzeki Sauce on the side).  It was delicious.  

And if I ever venture out to Marietta again, I’d definitely stop by this joint. 

Greek Salad w/ Gyro Meat

My dinner (well, some of it anyway)


2 Responses to “Mykonos & Music & Marietta”

  1. Greek food is divine. I love the gyros and the salads with chicken souvlaki. Hummus is addicting and falafel…oooh my. This salad looks so good!

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