Funday Sundae

July 19, 2010

So, in honor of National Ice Cream Day, we decided to make these sundaes at home.  We did a colorful twist on a banana split.  The addition of the fruit and using low fat ice cream makes you not feel SO bad that you’re splurging on this decadent summertime treat.

Banana Split


Breyer’s Reduced Fat Ice Cream (I chose Coffee Fudge Brownie)


Whipped topping

Fresh blueberries

Marachino cherries

Chocolate syrup

Layer the bottom of the glass with pieces of banana.  Top with ice cream, whipped topping, chocolate syrup, blueberries and cherries, sit on the back deck and enjoy!



The perfect summertime treat

Note:  I have not yet tried making my own ice cream.  It’s on my bucket list.


4 Responses to “Funday Sundae”

  1. katie o. Says:

    do it! once you do, you’ll never want to eat store bought again. i made blackberry ice cream a few weekends back and it was hands down the best ice cream i’d ever eaten.

  2. michelle@TNS Says:

    ditto, homemade ice cream can’t be beat.

    meanwhile, i’m trying to figure out how the heck i missed ice cream day. i’ll have to hold my own observance.

  3. @Katie O. I do want to try my hand at it…eventually. There’s a certain brand I want to get.

    @Michelle@TNS You probably didn’t know yesterday was ice cream day b/c you weren’t on Twitter as much as I was. Today is Daquiri Day, BTW :0)

  4. Alisa Says:

    That is delicious! Making ice cream is also in my to do list. I love the blueberries you added for this one 🙂

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