Pizza Party

July 18, 2010

I love Fellini’s Pizza.  Now I love that I can make it at home. 

Swing by any Fellini’s (or another pizzaria…most of them sell their dough) and ask for a “large dough.”  Once you get experienced with pulling the dough, you can actually get four pizzas out of one large dough.  We’ve been trying out lots of different pizzas and sauces. Every single one has been delicious. 

When you get the dough home, roll it out with a rolling-pin, being sure to dust your surface generously with flour.  Try picking the dough up, once rolled, and using your hands to stretch it thinner — you’ll get better with practice.  I promise.

Lay the dough out on a hot pizza stone, top with whatever sauce, cheese and toppings you like and pop into a 400 degree oven, on the lower rack (this cooks the crust perfectly and won’t burn the cheese on top) for about eight minutes.  When it’s ready, slice into pieces and serve with parmesan cheese (it’s okay to use the stuff in the green container on pizza) and red pepper flakes.

To throw an awesome Pizza Party, it’s good to have two pizza stones. As one is set on the table for your friends to eat, you can be getting another pie ready and in the oven.  Jim and I did this for seven other friends while we were on vacay together and we made eight pizzas — putting a new one out about every ten minutes. It was a hit and soooo much fun!  We’ll definitely be doing it again!

Spreading the sauce on the dough


Sprinkle a little cheese


Everything Pizza: onions, turkey pepperoni, banana peppers, black olives...


Hawain Pizza: Pineapple chunks, sliced ham, sauce and cheese


BBQ Chucken Pizza: BBQ chicken, white onion, cheese & BBQ sauce

Note:  To make one BBQ chicken pizza, I grill one chicken breast on the Panini Maker, then shred once cooked.  I add it to pot with about a cup of bottled BBQ sauce and heat it all through on low, about 10 minutes or so.  Then it’s ready for a pizza!


2 Responses to “Pizza Party”

  1. Katie o Says:

    I made a BBQ chicken pizza last week using Trader Joe’s dough. It was a total bust. The dough tasted like cardboard. I’m wondering if it’s the pizza stone that makes the difference. Thoughts?

  2. The pizza stone DEFINITELY makes the difference. Be sure to leave the stone in the oven while it preheats so it is extremely hot. Once you pull it out, lay the dough out on top + toppings and be sure to put back in the oven on the lowest rack. Placing it on the bottom rack ensures a crispy brown crust!

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