Let them eat cupcakes!

June 21, 2010

So…some of my friends are obsessed with cupcakes.  Thus, while I was stopped at a red light on LaVista, and looked to my right and saw Carolyn’s Cupcakes, I couldn’t resist swinging into the parking lot to give ’em a try.  The man working behind the counter was very friendly and informed me they’d been open about three months.  I picked up the Red Velvet Cupcake and the Banana Split Cupcake, which we noshed on after dinner.  (Did I mention they have super-cute cupcake-smelling candles in a a cupcake-shaped dish?!?  Adorable!) Let’s just say, I’m glad we have these pictures to remember the cupcakes by.

Oh, and the little paper bags they come in are a sweet touch.

Two of Carolyn's Cupcakes


3 Responses to “Let them eat cupcakes!”

  1. katie o. Says:

    oh my god you crack me up! don’t you just love making finds like this? ps. when are we getting together??? this is ridiculous!

  2. Yes! It’s so fun to just pop in and Jim loves it when I come home with surprises!What about next Wed. or Thurs.? We’ll be outta town this weekend…

  3. Dionne Baldwin Says:

    Oh that sounds so good. BOTH of them! I bet you’re glad you looked over to see them. I love sweets and this cupcake craze is exactly my style. 😉

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