Nice Buns

November 25, 2009

The meal that was the final push to start this blog, was savored last Friday at Pura Vida, in the Poncey Highlands, made famous recently by Chef Hector’s appearance on Top Chef.  A group of girls met out for my friend’s birthday and we started off at the dimly lit yet brightly decorated bar with a few cocktails.  The Capirinaha was a popular choice — a high-octane adult bevvie of cachaca (an alcohol made of fermented sugarcane), lime and sugar, respectively.

Once we were seated, we began with an order of malanga root (similar to a potato) chips, which were to die for!  They’re served with a cremini mushroom/truffle oil dip — what a beautiful presentation.  Since there was a large group of ladies, I was able to sample a lot of  items from the menu. I ordered the Chicken Empanadas and Steamed Coconut Buns.   The empanadas were excellent and I loved the habanero chili oil they were served with.  Now for the Coconut Buns — what a unique and delicious mix of flavors!  Coconut oil infused bread piled with mouth-watering smoked pork belly and cilantro, I was definitely craving more after the two that arrived with my serving.  Beware of the two innocent looking chili peppers laying alongside the buns…they will most likely cause your server to bring you a steaming mug of sugar-water, the apparent cure for fiery taste buds. We also ordered the special of the evening — chorizo quesadillas — yum!  The mussels were swimming in garlic butter and the crusty bread was an excellent accompaniment.  The birthday girl’s fave was the duck confit served with plantains. 

Malanga Chips

The evening was topped off with a delicious little ramekin of chocolate creme brulee with Kalua puddled at the bottom.  Everything was delicious, but I can’t wait to go back and get my hands on some more of those buns! ;0)

I have a love of brightly colored artwork, much to my beau's dismay


One Response to “Nice Buns”

  1. Karen Says:

    Mmmmm… sounds yummy! Maybe a place we might want to consider for our Christmas lunch???? Page looks awesome by the way! Great start!!!

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